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August 20, 2016

I didn’t think I would make a post this week.

My hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was ravaged with a flood that came out of nowhere. No one had time to prepare. Some didn’t even make it out of their homes in time and had to be rescued. Some lost their lives.

Here I sit in Panama City, drinking a really weird banana flavored drink that the bartender gave me because she made one too many. In a way I feel guilty for coming on this trip that has been planned for months because I know I have friends and family back home trying to gut their homes and begin to rebuild. I feel guilty because the flood didn’t reach my doorstep.

And I’m thankful. I’m thankful that because I don’t have to rebuild and worry about insurance reps and contractors, I can dedicate my time and energy to helping others.

I’m thankful that I didn’t lose anyone close to me. That even though so many lost so much, they are all coming together as one gigantic family to help each other. I know it’s cliche. And I know it’s probably easier for me to admit because I’m not one of the ones to lose it all. But you can replace things, you can’t replace people.

My good feelings, good juju, gris gris, blessings…. whatever you’d like to call it go out to all those who have experienced loss in some way due to natural disasters. I hope the recovering and the rebuilding process goes smoothly. And I hope a few years from now you’ll be sitting on a porch, looking up into the sky enjoying the sunshine and remember that you made it through.




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    1. This is beautifully written Cori. I know it is easy to feel bad for not having experienced something when it came so close to home. I went to high school in West, TX where the fertilizer plant exploded a few years ago. My parents felt the explosion at their house and I had friends from high school who lost family or their homes. I felt such a sadness when it happened. My family was lucky but it was still hard to imagine. I spent the day at the river with my friends and then it happened a few hours later. It’s beautiful that you are able to reflex and find gratefulness in such a sad situation.

      1. Dia! I so appreciate you stopping by my little blog to check things out! It really is a hard thing to see everyone around you experience such hardship. What I felt was best was to consider myself very lucky and take the opportunity to help out others. Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal, I believe. The football stadium is full on Saturdays and there are still cheerful, hard working people out there making the best of things. It was a terrible situation but the city has really risen above it, as I’m sure your home town did! Thanks again for the comment!

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