Food Coma: Dallas Edition

July 29, 2016

Day one in Dallas was a success!

I told myself I would go to the gym every day while we’re here to somewhat make up for the mass amounts of food we would be eating, and I actually went today! I’ve been trying to make fitness more of a priority in my life so any time I follow through and go, I consider it a win.

See! Photo proof, complete with my hubby’s legs photo bombing behind me.

Lunch followed with burgers at Rodeo Goat. Great name, amazing burgers. I would love to share a picture but I was so excited about the food that I totally didn’t even get one.

Here’s one from their site (here).

I mean come on. It has an egg on it. The BEST burgers come with eggs on them. On top of that, the patty is beef and chorizo. It’s called the Chaca Oaxaca, or as I called it the *point* I want that one.

After that, if you follow me on Instagram you already know I spent the afternoon in bed in our hotel room. Pretty standard for the first day of vacation for me.

We finished off the night at Hibiscus. I can not say enough good things about this place. The ambiance, the outstanding customer service, and of course the food. You need to go here and you need to get the short ribs. Best thing you’ll put in your mouth.

Outfit details:

Dress (similar) from Sugar + Lips, Heels from Merona, Necklace from The Giving Keys, Bracelets from Max + Scarlett, LashesΒ in Siren from House of Lashes

All in all, amazing start to a much needed vacation. There’s nothing better than being in a city I love with the man of my dreams.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’m going to have to check out some of these drinks that Brighton from Brighton the Day shared. You can check out the list here. She has amazing sense of style so I’m going to go ahead and assume her taste in drinks is on point as well.

Well that’s enough out of me for now. Until next time, connect with me on Instagram!



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    1. Ummmm girl you are SO adorable! Love that dress!! And OMG that burger. I’m like salivating RN. That looks incredible!!


      1. Thanks maam! The burger was even better than it looks. I don’t know how in the world thats possible, but it was!

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