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July 27, 2016

I’ve been going back and forth over what to write my very first blog post about. Knowing me the way I do, I will go back and forth for months and never actually get started, so I’ve decided to just dive right it!


See what I did there?

The start of this blog comes at a pretty great time. My birthday is this weekend and I’ve got big plans! I am headed to Dallas with my hubs to rock out at the Blink 182 concert! So pumped!

I am also ridiculously excited about the food. I’ve only been to Dallas a handful of times, but it has nestled it’s way into my heart, and a big part of that is the food. It’s so diverse! What are you craving? Pizza? Sushi? Thai? Maybe some crazy Korean BBQ street tacos served to you in a paper boat on the side of the road? They’ve got it! Wanna wait in line for 30 min for a slice of pie that will change your life? Yep that’s there too. And I plan on eating it ALL.

As for the blog, I’m still exploring and figuring things out. I’ve even got a WordPress for Dummies book that’s taking the plane ride with me (totally not kidding). But I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride with me. I’ve got lots of knowledge in this brain that I’m so ready to share! That’s why my hairs so big, it’s full of secrets. (Mean Girls, anyone?)


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