All I Want For Christmas Is Everything

December 2, 2016

Need ideas for that special lady on your gift list? IS THAT LADY ME? No? Well, she might like these things anyway.

  1. This fancy choker: Just because its SO pretty and sometimes the basic choker just doesn’t cut it.
  2. This crossbody: It’s just like the one I have now actually, but just a bit bigger. Because you know, I’m running out of room for receipts, pens, and all of my lipsticks in my smaller one. 
  3. This Anastasia Beverly Hills palette: Ok TBH I already have it. But I wanted to put it on here because I’m head over hills, can barely contain it, in LOVE with it. The colors are gorgeous, the shadows are so soft and pigmented and they blend so perfectly. This was my first ABH shadow purchase and it 100% will not be the last. Want to see it in action? Check out this video by MannyMUA. So pretty I could die. 
  4. This Jo Malone gift set: When I worked in cosmetics, one of my favorite things to do on a slow day was to wander over to the Jo Malone counter and see how many combinations I could put together. Their scents are so beautiful alone, and then you can layer them together to create your own scent. My all time favorite combo is the Nectarine Blossom & Honey layered over the Blackberry & Bay. 
  5. These RayBans: Just wanting a change from my normal aviators! 
  6. This UGG robe: This thing looks so comfy there’s about a 99.9% chance I would put it on and never take it off. 
  7. This water bottle: Because hydration is important. And so is pizza.
  8. These rings: Because being positive aint always easy so having a little reminder helps.
  9. One of these chunky knit blankets: Yall. Everytime I see one of these damn blankets I can’t help but be overwhelmed with blanket envy (sure, that’s a thing). LOOK AT IT. So. damn. fluffy. Take my couch and give me a stack of these. 
  10. A donation to my fundraiser: I want everything and I want everyone else to have everything as well. I have started a fundraiser (via Crowdrise) for a local organization called Anna’s Grace. They offer support to families dealing with infertility and child loss. It’s such a devastating thing to go through, and even more so through the holidays. I will gladly give up gifts under the tree (even the blanket) for a donation to my fundraiser. I have added a little widget to my sidebar if you want to see how we are doing! 

So, that’s it! Ok no. That’s not it. But, Those are the main things. I also want eyelash extensions, a tattoo, and a new puppy. Need more ideas? Check out this post for some of my favorite beauty items and a couple man gifts as well!

What’s on your list? 
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