This is me.

I’m Cori Rose. You can usually find me at the book store, wandering the stacks with coffee in hand. That is my happy place.

I am a laid back, sarcastic, and outgoing person. I give credit for most of my personality to my Mom. She’s me, 20 years older. Shes totally 27. I’m sure you’ll see her around the blog a lot since she is pretty much my bestie.

I’m a girl of many talents. I like to think of myself as a Jack JILL-of-all-trades, and a master of none. Pretty much everything I do is self taught. Except for cooking, which I learned from my Mawmaw.

This is my life.

I’m married to an amazing, intelligent, motivating, funny-as-hell man (and he ain’t to bad to look at either). His name is Corey and YES, we have the same name. Random, I know. We were out with mutual friends and the introduction literally went “Hey Corey, I’m Cori”. We live in a cozy little apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with our fur-baby, Apollo. I’m pretty much obsessed with my husband and my dog.

I love DIY projects. I ESPECIALLY love figuring out how to make the home decor I see in stores. You know what I mean. You see that cute little mason jar flower arrangement or fancy front door wreath and you think “I bet I could make that”. Well you totally can. I’ll show you how.

I also have a deep love for fashion and makeup, though you’ll normally catch me in comfy jeans, a sarcastic graphic tee and my favorite pair of Converse. Maybe being in front of a camera for this blog will change that… Or maybe you’ll just hear about all my favorite places to get shirts with witty quotes printed on them.

This is my bog.

My hope for this blog is to inspire my readers (aka YOU!) to go and do something you’ve always wanted to do, but were to afraid to try. That is what Wander Reckless is for me. Putting myself out there, hoping to make connections, and telling my cynical side to GTFO.

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